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Julia marvin, Chair

Julia Marvin is the Chair of the Adams County Young Dems and is looking forward to creating an energetic and active Young Dems chapter!

Julia graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder and now works in marketing. From her experiences working in government, Julia strongly believes in being active in local politics and the power in grassroots movements.  

You can reach her via email at Julia.s.marvin@gmail.com

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Dan Pinkston, VIce-Chair

Dan Pinkston is the vice chair of the Adams County Young Democrats. He is very excited to have the opportunity to work democrats all along the county and the state! 

Dan grew up in Westminster, got his bachelors in music education from CU Boulder, and lives and works in the Denver metro area. His passion for local politics stems from the belief that we all have to work to ensure that we are making our beautiful state even better for the next generation. 

Jessica Troy, Director of Community Outreach

Eric Chacon II, Director of Fundraising

Kayla Tuite, Director of Youth Engagement

Justin Martinez, Director of Operations

Luna Ly, Director of Membership