Eric Chacon II, Chair

Eric Chacon II is the Chair of the Adams County Young Dems and is looking forward to creating an energetic and active Young Dems chapter!

Eric strongly believes in being active in local politics and the power in grassroots movements.  

You can reach Eric via email at

Steve Zorn, VIce-Chair

Steve Zorn is the vice chair of the Adams County Young Democrats. He has been an active member within ACDP since 2015.

Steve grew up outside Chicago, got his bachelors of science in finance and economics from University of Louisville. He is experienced in county, state, and federal elections. He consults for small businesses and startups. Currently working to develop local business partnerships through indoor advertising. He has served on the board of directors for a non-profit working toward park preservation, bringing together community and government stakeholders. His passion for local politics comes from his personal experience with social safety nets and knowing their importance.

You can reach Steve via email at

Genevieve McCormick, Director of operations

Genevieve McCormick is the Director of Operations of the Adams County Young Dems. Genevieve has been actively involved in political activities since 2008, including voter registration and driving accurate representation through caucusing. Genevieve moved to Adams County in 2015 and is looking forward to building a diverse and engaged Young Dems community.

Originally from Northern California, Genevieve has spent most of her life in Colorado and studied International Affairs and Spanish Language & Literature at CU Boulder. She currently works in the localization industry, helping businesses increase access to information by providing content in multiple languages.

Genevieve is passionate about protecting a fair and inclusive political process, and believes that participation by young people is essential to improving government accountability for future generations.

You can reach Genevieve via email at

Looking to fill the following positions-

Director of Community Outreach

-Build relationships and coalitions with community organizations and groups that support similar causes as the chapter.

Director of Fundraising

-Responsible for chapter finances, and coordinates with county party treasurer to manage finances.
-Spearheads chapter fundraising activities.
-Maintains list of donors and manages donor relationships.

Director of Youth Engagement

-Oversees events and communications targeted at high school and college Democrats in Adams County.
-Grows Young Dems membership in the 16-25 demographic.

Director of Membership

-Recruit new members.
-Creates a program to retain new members and get them involved in their areas of interest.