Meet the Adams County Young Dems Running for Office: Jackson Dreiling

If there is anything good to come of a Trump presidency, it's that it's encouraged a surge of young people to run for offices like state legislatures, city councils and more. Adams County is no exception, and we are thrilled so many Young Dems are stepping up to run to represent us.

Leading up to the municipal elections on Nov. 7, we'll be profiling Young Dems running for city council seats in Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn and Aurora, giving you a chance to learn more about these remarkable people, their beliefs and their candidate platform.

Jackson Dreiling, Candidate for Westminster City Council


What made you decide you wanted to run?

Seeing the lack of affordability across the metro area. Westminster has been working to address this and we have to keep the work moving forward.

How have your previous experiences, professionally and personally, made you the right candidate for this office?

I am dedicated to serve. My life has been about service, from focusing my career in the non-profit sector, to helping community boards, school district committees, advocating for my neighbors and coaching youth sports. Westminster City Council is the next best way for me to serve.

Has anything about your experience as a candidate surprised you?

How it is hard to think politically as a candidate. You just want to give all of your energy and focus to who/what is in front of you; so, that makes strategy more difficult than I would have thought.

What are the most pressing issues facing your city and what will you do to address them?

Growth/development vs. Inclusivity. Westminster, like all of the metro area, has been growing rapidly and will continue to grow.

The question is how do we grow in a way that makes sense? Sustainability. In order to build a true community that keeps Westminster a wonderful place to live for future generations, we have to be open and welcoming, in order to build our tax base, so that we can pay for infrastructure improvements necessary to accommodate growth.

But, we have to be intentional with our efforts, or Westminster will be come an exclusive place to live. As we accommodate growth, we need to produce a diverse spectrum of housing, especially with smaller amounts of raw, developable land available. This promotes community by living together with people from all walks of life, income levels, faiths, nationalities-true community. We can be both an economically strong city and an inclusive city.  

Running for office can be rewarding, but difficult. What keeps you going?

Looking into my sons’ eyes and committing to working for their future.

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What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

The people. Their stories, their hopes, dreams and cares inspire me.

Who do you look up to politically and why?

My first political reading was “Promises to Keep” by Robert F. Kennedy. I have always come back to these readings when feeling confused, astray, or stuck. His idealism is something that will always help guide my steps.

What was your first paid job?

Working for my Dad at his packaging and shipping business.

What’s your favorite TV show that you tell people you watch, and what’s your favorite TV show that you watch in secret?

West Wing all day. But, the one I am a closet fan of is This is Us. I love it because I get to watch it with my wife.

What songs do you listen to for getting hyped up?


How can Young Dems help in your race?

Westminster City Council is all at-large. So, I am working to reach 10,000 voters in my target universe. I need energy, enthusiasm and idealism. That is Young Dems. Any lists that you can walk, write or call, I would be grateful for.

What else should voters know about you?

My faith drives me on this campaign. I truly believe that I am working to serve my brothers and sisters; and, therefore, am advocating and fighting for the dignity of every human being.

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