Thinking about running for the Young Dems board, but on the fence? Here's some answers to frequently asked questions.

Letters of Intent are due April 9 to

1. What do the positions entail?
Detailed descriptions are available on our website. Because our chapter has 3 at-large members, the positions can be whatever you want to make them! There's a ton of flexibility that you can take advantage of to work on projects you're passionate and utilize your skills to make the chapter even better!

2. What kind of time commitment is it?
The board meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and projects. Members are expected to participate in the planning meetings, as well as be at as many of the chapter events as possible. Depending on what other projects you want to work on, the at-large members spend about 4-6 hours per month. The time commitment for the chair and vice-chair is a little bit higher--about 5-10 hours a month.

3. What do I put in a letter of intent?
There's no rules, but you'll probably want to include some information about yourself, why you're running, and what you'd like to see the Young Dems accomplish in the next year.

3. Are there a bunch of other people running? If you've already got people, then maybe I don't need to. 
Everyone has unique skills and perspectives to offer, so regardless of how many people are running, you should too. We don't believe in turning people away, so if we have more people that there are positions, we'll figure out a way to get everyone involved.

4. What if I don't want to run, but I still want to get involved?
That's awesome! Come to the Happy Hour! In addition to electing board members, we'll be talking about the goals for the chapter for the rest of the year and getting people connected to opportunities and candidates they're interested in.